Monday, 20 August 2018

leonardy Explanation Template : Kua tae te wā

It’s time for what I hear you say. It’s time for teachers to have their say - to be heard. That’s right our teachers are banding together this month to grab the attention of our government. There are a number of things that our teachers are hoping to achieve by going on strike. I will explain some of these things in the following paragraphs. You might even be able to see how you can be part of the action!
The teacher’s need more time to help us children to learn.But the teacher are too busy doing school report’s.That why you see your teacher do stuff on her lap top.There should be more teachers than different types of jobs.And that is why there should be more teachers.

Did you know that there should be a lot of teachers in new Zealand.  But there is not enough teachers.  But there is a lot of people in new Zealand but they do not like to be a teacher.   Teaching kids is a hard job and so that is why you should be a teacher. The teacher’s job is hard because teacher’s teach you like Maths and writing an reading AND they have to do a lot of planning and marking.

Did you know that the teachers should be getting more money.The teachers should get
more money because they help us learn and help us with our writing and maths and reading.
The teachers should't go on strike Because the children need more learning.But they can't
because the teachers are going on strike.

And the teachers need to get better pay.
I disagree with the strike because the teachers need to get paid for doing the work and 
the need to get paid for doing over time so that is why is disagree.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Leonardy's Immersoin assembly

On monday we had a Immersion assembly and it was so funny.Because when we got in the assembly we head same music playing and then we saw a herry beast.He was describe as a beast with loig leges and herry leges.Mr burt was dancing like beyonce and he was so funny.
There was so cool movie and the best movie that i liked was team 2 becuase of mr moran.He was soso
funny and cool but no muscles mr burt had same big as muscles.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Leonardy & Leiite Fractions

Leonard D.M.I.C Maths

This is my D.M.I.C Maths for today.

About my Fia fia

On a cold night the 12th of april it was so cold but the whole school came together and performed what they have learnt all term and performed in front of a lot of people and their children at our fiafia. i was in the samoa sinor group when everyone started to take their seats. There was food and drinks that you can buy for around 4 to 10 dollars.At Fia fia each group take time at performing and so some people went back home because it was raining so hard people can get so sick so it was hard because i told my mom that i want to perform she asked how long are you going to be i said can you hold on so then when me and my group performed we gave it our all and everyone was proud of us and we were happy.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Leonardy and Tupuia Letter to Pak N Save (Glen Innes)

Kia ora pak n save our names are Leonardy and Tupuia we are
your 7 students at Pt England school. Plastic kills animals and
ocean life people found that some birds are eating the plastic
and dies from it. We need to have less plastic bags for the
animals so that day do not die.

*By Leonardy an tupuia.

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

wonder writing

On a scary night there was a big and scary man trying to get a little boy but the boy was to fast and small.The man toic him all night to try and get that little boy the boy was getting smatt at the man and so then the man was getting so so agre at the little boy and so then the man was gan get the man but so then the man misst the little boy and so the boy was getting so smart at the man and so the man was try to look for that little and so then the man went to huttiy for that little boy.And so i soua that little boy and so i went to get him but so he run thu a cagi and so he got thu but then i tried to make it back But it did not work and so the little boy got thu and so that what happened. The end Leonardy sua

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wonder writing

On monday i was climbing up to a long as matin.It was so so scared my body was shaking.It was so so cool that i omust fall off.But i was still brave to go up.And so i got to the top of the matn and i was so so so hiii.And so i came back down and it was so so cool.and when i got down there i thll down on to the grand.

room 3s Wonder writing

On friday i was so so happy it was so fun.I was so happy because it was ganu be so fun and so then Me and my mum and that.And so we went to the pools And we got there it was so so fun and cool it was so big There was so much people there.We were at the YMCA Pools it was so cool and i was so happy and so then i went to the booming pools it was so so so scary but i still went and so i jumped it tioc a whyill and i got in there It was so gold. *leoardy sua *miss sio *room 3 117

Wonder writing

On one cold day we went on a helicopter to save a person from getting bitten from A shak.The shak was so so big it was sasiy of a class.The person was going Help!!!!!help!!!!! But so then we saved him.He was so so so happy but then when he was hlming up to the helicopter The shak was gan bati him and so the helicopter was moving so so fast.So the Helicopter was ladi in the sea and then they dead and there was so so so so much blood aree were.But one person Was saved and it was my friend and me Me and my friend was so so so lucky That we saved. LEONARDY 127 THE END BY LEONARDY

Monday, 19 March 2018

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leonardy all about me

All about me

Hi my name is leonardy sua.And i am a year 7 at pt
england school.I love to come to school because i love
to play with my friends and that.My two teaches names are
Mrs Salu and

Mrs sio.What i liked about our first day that it was so so
fun.My favorite food is kfc and Mc and pie.And my favorite
stuff to do is play on a ps4 with gta online and wwe.