Thursday, 5 April 2018

wonder writing

On a scary night there was a big and scary man trying to get a little boy but the boy was to fast and small.The man toic him all night to try and get that little boy the boy was getting smatt at the man and so then the man was getting so so agre at the little boy and so then the man was gan get the man but so then the man misst the little boy and so the boy was getting so smart at the man and so the man was try to look for that little and so then the man went to huttiy for that little boy.And so i soua that little boy and so i went to get him but so he run thu a cagi and so he got thu but then i tried to make it back But it did not work and so the little boy got thu and so that what happened. The end Leonardy sua

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wonder writing

On monday i was climbing up to a long as matin.It was so so scared my body was shaking.It was so so cool that i omust fall off.But i was still brave to go up.And so i got to the top of the matn and i was so so so hiii.And so i came back down and it was so so cool.and when i got down there i thll down on to the grand.

room 3s Wonder writing

On friday i was so so happy it was so fun.I was so happy because it was ganu be so fun and so then Me and my mum and that.And so we went to the pools And we got there it was so so fun and cool it was so big There was so much people there.We were at the YMCA Pools it was so cool and i was so happy and so then i went to the booming pools it was so so so scary but i still went and so i jumped it tioc a whyill and i got in there It was so gold. *leoardy sua *miss sio *room 3 117

Wonder writing

On one cold day we went on a helicopter to save a person from getting bitten from A shak.The shak was so so big it was sasiy of a class.The person was going Help!!!!!help!!!!! But so then we saved him.He was so so so happy but then when he was hlming up to the helicopter The shak was gan bati him and so the helicopter was moving so so fast.So the Helicopter was ladi in the sea and then they dead and there was so so so so much blood aree were.But one person Was saved and it was my friend and me Me and my friend was so so so lucky That we saved. LEONARDY 127 THE END BY LEONARDY