Friday, 6 July 2018

Leonardy & Leiite Fractions

Leonard D.M.I.C Maths

This is my D.M.I.C Maths for today.

About my Fia fia

On a cold night the 12th of april it was so cold but the whole school came together and performed what they have learnt all term and performed in front of a lot of people and their children at our fiafia. i was in the samoa sinor group when everyone started to take their seats. There was food and drinks that you can buy for around 4 to 10 dollars.At Fia fia each group take time at performing and so some people went back home because it was raining so hard people can get so sick so it was hard because i told my mom that i want to perform she asked how long are you going to be i said can you hold on so then when me and my group performed we gave it our all and everyone was proud of us and we were happy.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Leonardy and Tupuia Letter to Pak N Save (Glen Innes)

Kia ora pak n save our names are Leonardy and Tupuia we are
your 7 students at Pt England school. Plastic kills animals and
ocean life people found that some birds are eating the plastic
and dies from it. We need to have less plastic bags for the
animals so that day do not die.

*By Leonardy an tupuia.

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