Thursday, 19 October 2017

leonardy Immersion Assembly Writing

On monday the 16 of October pt england school had an immersion Assembly.We lined up to get ready to go Assembly.We went and sat down in the Assembly And We Watched the other teams Do their movies.Team 1 is learning to do music.And Team 1 play snap with music.The same as the team 2 they are doing music too.But team 2 was singing a song.Team 3

Is telling story thru music.Team 3 created a video. Team 4 is learning to create music and instruments.Team 4 created a movie like how team 3 Team 5 is doing how music in movies invoke feelings.Team 4s topic is about like making  instruments and create music.The Team 4 movie was so cool that it had music in it.I want to learn how Eminem rap’s  fast.I like it so much.  

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