Friday, 1 December 2017

leonardy Year 6 Camp 2017

On tuesday the 21st over November the year 6 students went on a camp. We had to be at school at 10 past 7. We hopped on the bus and there were two buses to kawau and the group called catz were on the same bus, and mansion and bentzon went in the same bus as kawau. When we got to camp bentzon We packed our bags off the ferry.After that we went for a hike through the forest and it was so so tiring.After that when we got back from the hika We went for a swim and we jumped off the wharf. On day 2 we did sailing, It was fun that junior fell of the boat because he was going to fast. After sailing we did the confident course with mr jay. If you do not know the conf course a.k confident course is when we have to do these obstacles, I think i was the best. Day three We went kayaking. Kayaking was so cool that we went under the wharf. Shirley was the best help at year 6 camp.She help’s me at everything and i was so happy. I enjoy how we went to do Abseiling it was very very scary.But every person give it a goa.

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