Thursday, 17 November 2016

leonardy Athletics Day 2016.

A hot Friday morning it was Athletics Day. When the 2nd bell rang we all went in class and we got changed into our house colours. And we went to the courts and Mr burt said have a great time and have fun and mr burt called out the years and team colours to go do their first event.

 What happened during during the day? (House teams, colours, rotations) At athletics we had to do some sports and there was dodgeball and javelin and discus and all we do is play sports touch game from youthtown my team colour was hinemoana the blue team some people got engine And poked in the eye. 

Choose one activity you did and explain what it was and how did you go? On our 3nd part 100 metre sprint and I came first in my second race and on my last race I pulled my hamstring then I got engine then but I was still running. Conclusion: What was your favourite part? Highlight? My favourite part was going over the high jump and the discus.because it was very fun.

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